About the Webinar

This webinar outlines the role and importance of microorganisms in our everyday world, how to classify and identify them and the next generation sequencing techniques that work best for these tasks. Jessica touches on the wide array of areas that microbial genomics can be applied to and the NGS case studies that have helped scientists thrive in various research areas.

About the Presenter

Jessica Oates NGS

Jessica Oates graduated with her Bachelor’s and Master’s of Biology from Saint Joseph’s University (Philadelphia, PA). She earned her Doctorate of Philosophy in Environmental Toxicology from Texas Tech University focusing on antibiotic resistance in clinical isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. She has experience with 16S metagenomics from clinical and environmental samples on a variety of sequencing platforms. Jessica has also worked with long read sequencing platforms including the RSII and Sequel. Jessica began at GENEWIZ as a Technical Application Scientist focusing on customer consultation and on-site technical meetings. Currently, she is Associate Manager of Next Generation Sequencing.

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