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Genomic heterogeneity is the hallmark of many complex diseases, characterized by the existence of subpopulations with distinct genotypes and phenotypes. Standard bulk sequencing of tissues limits our ability to accurately assess and investigate clonal subpopulations of cells for these complex diseases. Single-cell DNA sequencing is a powerful tool to resolve genomic heterogeneity by building deep profiles of individual cells that otherwise get masked. In this webinar, you will learn how to detect and characterize genomic heterogeneity at high resolution by simultaneously profiling hundreds to thousands of single cells using the Chromium Single Cell CNV Solution from 10x Genomics. You will get a comprehensive overview, that includes preparation of nuclei from frozen tissues, to single cell DNA library generation and sequencing, to analysis and visualization of genomic data at single cell resolution. Guidance on topics such as recommended sequencing read depth and experiment planning considerations will also be covered.


About the Presenter



Kamila holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from McGill University. She is a molecular biologist with expert knowledge and experience in assay development for nucleic acids amplification and NGS. She has a diversified background with expertise in molecular biology, microbiology and host-pathogen interaction. Kamila joined 10x Genomics in its early days and has worked on the development of various products including Chromium Genome and Chromium Single Cell CNV solutions.

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