About the Webinar


In comparison to traditional profiling methods that assess bulk populations, single-cell technologies empower researchers to examine the diversity of heterogeneous cell populations and uncover new and potentially unexpected biological discoveries. This webinar highlights the unparalleled capabilities of single-cell sequencing in two parts:


Part One: NeuroD1 Dictates the Differentiation of Tumor Cells in Medulloblastoma

While the differentiation of neural stem cells has been well studied, whether tumor cells derived from neuronal progenitors can undergo differentiation was unclear. With the help of single-cell RNA sequencing, we demonstrate that medulloblastoma (MB) cells retain the capacity to undergo differentiation by a mechanism driven by NeuroD1 expression, which in turn is regulated by EZH2-mediated H3K27me3. In addition, EZH2 inhibitors suppress MB growth by stimulating tumor cell differentiation and provide rationales for utilizing EZH2 inhibitors in possible MB treatments that would spare normal cells.


Part Two: Beyond Single-Cell RNA-Seq: A Roadmap to Single-Cell and Spatial Omics

In this section, we will discuss the drivers of single-cell profiling and the recent developments in single-cell sequencing. We will also cover the importance of spatial genomics to enable characterization of single-cell resolution while preserving cellular contexts.

About the Presenters


Zeng-jie Yang, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor,
Fox Chase Cancer Center

Dr. Yang is an associate professor at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. His research is focused on elucidation of the cellular and molecular biology of brain tumors, including medulloblastoma. These studies will lead to more effective strategies for treatment of patients with brain tumors. Dr. Yang will present part one of the webinar: NeuroD1 Dictates the Differentiation of Tumor Cells in Medulloblastoma.


Andrea O’Hara, Ph.D.,
Technical Applications Specialist

Andrea O'Hara is a technical applications specialist at GENEWIZ and has over 11 years of experience in next generation sequencing. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in genetics and molecular biology. Dr. O’Hara will be discussing the latest technology and presenting part two of the webinar: Beyond Single-Cell RNA-Seq: A Roadmap to Single-Cell and Spatial Omics.


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