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Maximize productivity and gain an automation advantage with our small footprint SampleStore™ designed to fit in today's standard lab

The Azenta Life Sciences Space Efficient SampleStore is an automated sample storage system created specifically for temperatures from ambient to -20ºC. It is the ideal solution for those with smaller sample collections but require the automation benefits of easier, faster, and more reliable access to high-quality samples.

Azenta SampleStore


Easily Configurable

Automated sample stores with standardized configuration available in 3-6 months


Fast Sample Retrieval

Make compound management effective with dedicated picking modules


Small Footprint Storage

Fits in your standard laboratory with storage capacity up to 2 million tubes

Maximize Sample Integrity and Accessibility

With industry-leading storage offerings, Azenta Life Sciences delivers automated systems that support the highest quality inventory management, reduces variability, minimizes risk and backed by the experience of a global support team.

  • Improve sample protection through automated handling resulting in minimized sample temperature cycling
  • Robust refrigeration designed for sample protection from disasters
  • Push button sample storage and retrieval - no need for manual search for samples
  • Improve workflow and efficiency with direct workcell integration via Automation Interface Module
  • Capture sample code data upon input to automatically update inventory and assign storage location (sample chain of custody and audit trail reports)

  • Schedule jobs and set pick-lists from your store, office or home with proprietary Strata software
  • Compatible with acoustic workflows
  • Adaptable storage automation from single labware type to multiple formats (sample and acoustic tubes, vials, punch and select microplates -formerly REMP)


Enable scientific discoveries through accurate, small footprint automated sample storage. Maximize productivity and gain an automation advantage by spending less time managing samples.

Talk to an Expert

Why Acoustic Tube Dispensing?

Our space efficient SampleStore™ comes with a complimentary starter Acoustic Tube package, allowing you to jumpstart your project with the most cutting-edge technology in the market.

The Azenta Acoustic Sample Tube brings together the benefits of the Echo Liquid Handler and the Azenta 2D Coded Sample Tube range.


  • Only thaw samples you need
  • Longer sample lifetime
  • More robust assays
  • Compound saving
  • Save on consumables
  • Mitigate cross-contamination





Partnering with Azenta Life Sciences

With over 20 years experience, we have an installed capacity of over 500 million samples with automated stores accommodating collections from fewer than 7,000 up to 100 million samples.

Watch this video to learn how our automated storage systems can help life science organizations reach new heights in their pursuit of scientific progress.