About the Workshop

In this recording of our live RNA-Seq Bioinformatics Workshop and Roundtable Discussion led by bioinformatics manager Brian Sereni, Azenta Life Sciences, industry experts will help you explore the bioinformatics pipeline, explain NGS results, and addresses common challenges and frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding RNA-Seq bioinformatics analysis. 

What You'll Learn:

  • Bioinformatics for RNA-Seq data​​
  • Azenta Life Sciences' bioinformatics pipeline​​
  • NGS results file analysis​​
  • Challenges and answers to FAQs​

Topics covered include:

  • Evaluating sequence quality
  • Trimming reads
  • Mapping reads to a genome
  • Generating hit counts for gene/exons
  • Comparing gene hit counts
  • Analyzing gene ontology


About the Presenter


Brian Sereni

Manager, Bioinformatics

Azenta Life Sciences


Brian received his Master of Business and Science in biotechnology from Rutgers University. Brian has over eight years of experience with NGS data analysis and is the manager of the NGS Bioinformatics team at Azenta Life Sciences.
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