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NGS Quantitative PCR

Quantitative PCR (qPCR) Services

Quantitative PCR (also known as real-time PCR or qPCR) is a commonly used tool for detecting, characterizing, and quantifying nucleic acids for a variety of applications in genomics, drug development, diagnostics, and biologics testing. Azenta's end-to-end, streamlined workflows for qPCR are available as a standalone service or can be bundled with our other services for upstream or downstream analysis.



Flexible workflows for any input material: cells, tissue, genomic DNA, RNA, or cDNA



Pre-developed and custom designed primers and probes available



Easily integrate our qPCR with other Azenta services


qPCR Applications

  • Confirmatory testing for NGS data
  • Copy Number Variation (CNV) analysis
  • Genotyping and allelic discrimination
  • miRNA analysis
  • SNP genotyping
  • Nucleic acid and CpG methylation analysis
  • Plasmid quantification
  • Pathogen detection and quantification

Features & Benefits



Expertise in Assay Development

Our team of experts excel in primer design, optimization, and troubleshooting of qPCR projects.


Streamlined End-to-End Workflow

Azenta experts handle the complete workflow from sample preparation to final analysis.


Internal Sample Transfer

Seamless transition from upstream to downstream Azenta applications into qPCR services.


High-Throughput Capacity

Scalable qPCR solutions to rapidly scale up pilot or exploratory projects.


Custom Services

Custom solutions available to fit your project requirements.



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