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Protect your cells and deliver better outcomes with dry thawing  - plasmatherm C&G

Plasmatherm Thawer for Cell and Gene Therapy


Revolutionize Your Process for Thawing Frozen Cells Including Stem Cells

The cell therapy thawing step of your cell manufacturing process is critical to delivering optimum post-thaw viability for your frozen cell and gene therapy materials. With the Barkey plasmatherm™ Cell and Gene from Azenta, you can achieve unparalleled consistency in your cell thawing process. Using automated, controlled thawing provides a repeatable freeze-thaw process that preserves the integrity of your valuable materials. Move away from unreliable and inconsistent thawing methods – it's time to embrace the power of automated dry bath thawing.

Process Consistency, Minimal Contamination Risk

The plasmatherm dry bath technology provides superior temperature uniformity while minimizing the risk of contamination compared to a standard water bath. By combining the gentleness of a water bath with the hygiene of dry thawing, you achieve process consistency in a GMP clean-room compliant manner. The plasmatherm C&G features an intuitive interface for effortless operation. The ease of use enables consistent performance during every thaw —delivering repeatable processes that meet your compliance requirements and ensuring high post-thaw cell viability.


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Stem Cell Recovery & Viability Comparison

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Versatile Dry Thawing Solution 

The plasmatherm C&G dry thawing system is the perfect solution for thawing frozen blood products, cryopreserved preparations, and infusion solutions. Without exposing cell materials directly to a waterbath, you place vials or tubes between two sealed water-filled bags that cushion your valuable cell therapy materials.  Its advanced technology guarantees even, consistent temperature and time-controlled thawing, resulting in excellent reproducibility and high cell viability.


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Tailored to Your Needs: Customizability at Its Best

Every laboratory has unique requirements, and the plasmatherm C&G is customizable to meet your specific needs. With adjustable time, temperature, and paddle movement settings, you can create shortcut programs that suit your preferences perfectly. Whether you're thawing vials, bottles, or bags of different sizes, plasmatherm adapts effortlessly to accommodate them all.


Certified Excellence for Laboratory Applications

Designed with meticulous attention to detail and adherence to industry standards, the plasmatherm C&G  is certified to meet the stringent requirements of your laboratory environment. Built on decades of experience, we can offer validation support work as well as IQ/OQ/PQ with necessary documentation.



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Fully Automated and Controlled Thawing

As a fully automated thawing solution, the plasmatherm C&G allows each user to create the right thawing profile for their specific cryopreserved materials. You can choose from five selectable programs to optimize post-thaw cell viability.  The user-friendly design makes operation consistent from user to user.

Five Ways Plasmatherm Cell and Gene Enhances Your Therapeutic Process

1.  Preserves Cell Viability

Achieve unparalleled consistency* using dry bath technology that ensures minimal fluctuations in temperature and provides superior uniformity. This helps you maintain high cell viability during the thawing process.

2. Protects Product Integrity

The dry bath technology of the plasmatherm C&G minimizes the risk of contamination, preserving the integrity of your valuable cell and gene materials throughout the thawing process.

3. Supports Compliance

With compliance to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Clean Room standards, the plasmatherm C&G creates a controlled and hygienic environment for thawing, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

4. Minimizes Risk

By eliminating wet baths, the advanced dry bath technology minimizes contact with liquids, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and  safeguarding your cells. You place your vials or tubes between two sealed bags that protect and cushion your valuable cell therapy materials. You gain enhanced safety and consistency in your thawing process.

5. Ensures Repeatability

The plasmatherm C&G offers precise control and repeatability, allowing you to create customized thawing programs to suit your specific needs. With adjustable time, temperature, and paddle movement settings, you can achieve consistent and reliable thawing outcomes every time.

vialguard for plasmatherm cell and gene

Protect Sample Vials

The vialguard™  and vialguard™ pro are add-ons that can be used with the plasmatherm C&G and varitherm™ to allow simultaneous thawing or heating of multiple vials of different sizes. They securely hold the vials in place during the thawing process. The vialguard holds vials horizontally and vialguard pro holds vials upright. 


* The superiority of dry thawing compared to wet bath thawing is supported by available scientific evidence. (Wiley)

Stem Cell Recovery Comparison

Read a case study that validates the dry bath method for thawing cellular therapy products.


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