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High-dimensional data generated via high-throughput technologies has been the current wave of the biomedical research community, having the potential to address complex biomedical issues and open avenues for possible therapies. However, the use of these methods has led to the generation of enormous data sets, presenting a variety of challenges for applied users. Therefore, highlighting the need for efficient computing infrastructure, robust analytical methods, efficient algorithms, and quality software/tools that are well bench-marked, is increasingly important to make guided interpretations backed by data science. In this presentation, Vivek Das, M.Sc., Ph.D., presents current avenues from the data science front and indicates where to focus future attention to make knowledgeable, data-driven discoveries.

Disclaimer: The content of this webinar is the author’s personal views and does not represent NNRCSI in any capacity.

About the Presenter

Vivek Das

Born and raised in India in the city of Joy (Kolkata), Vivek Das has been quite the wanderer, having lived in various parts of the country and the world. For his bachelor's degree in biotechnology, Vivek traveled as far as the South of the country in Bengaluru, and while earning his master's degree in bioinformatics, he explored the cities of Kolkata and Ranchi extensively. Post-master’s, Vivek enjoyed a short stint of ~2 years in the software industry as a programmer analyst until he realized that his passion lied in bioinformatics. To chase this passion, he ended up in the lovely, fashionable city of Milan, Italy where he pursued his Ph.D. and a brief post-doc in cancer computational medicine. This started his endless journey in Europe and the West. Currently, Vivek's passion brought him to the USA where he is pursuing a post-doc in a pharmaceutical setting, studying the importance of biomarkers and target discovery for therapeutics. His hobbies include blogging, traveling, Crossfit, hiking, and reading. For more on Vivek Das's professional journey, you can follow him on LinkedIn.

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