About the Webinar

The genus Cercospora causes devastating diseases in numerous crops like corn, spinach, etc., which are primarily controlled with fungicides. Development of resistance to fungicides with single-site mode of action has led to the urgency of developing sustainable alternative approaches. Members of the Cercospora genus are also associated with the production of cercosporin, a non-host specific phytotoxin that is considered to be a virulence factor. In this webinar, Dr. Sandeep Sharma Khatiwada provides a framework for understanding the genetics of virulence and cercosporin production in Cercospora, and its contribution towards developing effective alternative management strategies for this important group of pathogens.

About the Presenter


Sandeep earned his Ph.D. in cell and molecular biology from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR before joining Cornell University in 2018 as a postdoc researcher in plant pathology with Dr. Sarah Pethybridge. His current research involves developing novel strategies to mitigate the production of cercosporin (a phytotoxin) and other harmful secondary metabolites from different filamentous fungi.

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