About the Webinar

The advancements in genetic and genomic analysis in the past 15 years have been breathtaking -- from NGS to CRISPR, and vast datasets of human variation. This presentation gives an overview of how these years of advances have translated into faster diagnostic development, understanding strain origin in near real-time, and novel approaches to scaling diagnostic molecular testing to tens of thousands in a matter of days. In addition, genome-wide association study (GWAS) datasets, along with others, are being utilized to understand the underlying potential genetic cause of the severity of COVID-19 disease, and new methods are being developed to elucidate the function of such variation on a highly parallel, massive scale.

About the Presenter


Dale Yuzuki is a widely-followed thought leader in the intersection of genomics, scientific research, and the business of life science for both the research and clinical diagnostics markets. He lives in Maryland with his spouse and three children.

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