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Achieving Phenotypic Profiling for Rapid Drug Discovery with High-Throughput Gene Expression Screening


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About the tech note

Drug discovery applications require reliable measurement of phenotypic responses via high-throughput approaches; however, traditional approaches such as microarrays and RNA sequencing present inherent limitations. In this tech note, we introduce high-throughput gene expression (HT-GEx) screening, an optimized assay developed by Azenta Life Sciences that utilizes cell lysate instead of purified RNA to perform rapid, unbiased phenotypic profiling at a reduced cost - an ideal approach for drug discovery, compound treatment phenotyping, CRISPR treatment phenotyping, and cell response screening.

What you'll learn

  • Challenges associated with phenotypic profiling for drug discovery utilizing traditional approaches
  • Azenta Life Sciences’ optimized HT-GEx screening workflow utilizing cell lysate samples
  • Results from sensitivity and reproducibility tests comparing the use of RNA versus cell lysate samples


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