About the Webinar

The discovery and advancements of nucleases, including CRISPR-Cas9, have revolutionized the accuracy and downstream potential of targeted genomic manipulations. Despite these advancements, identification of correctly targeted events remains a significant bottleneck. Simple, fast, and cost-effective techniques, such as RFLP and Sanger sequencing, have traditionally been used for screening. However, both techniques lack sensitivity and scalability. Next generation sequencing provides ultra-sensitive results, but requires extensive bioinformatics expertise to interpret data. Furthermore, scalability was mitigated by limitations in off-the-shelf library preparation kits. This webinar will describe the differences amongst various screening techniques and focus on recent advancements in the utility of next generation sequencing.

About the Presenter


Chris Mozdzierz earned his Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics from Rutgers University where he studied the application of bacterial toxin systems for novel cancer therapeutics. After graduating and a short postdoc, Chris joined Roche Pharmaceuticals where he utilized NGS to help solve biological questions across a myriad of disease target areas. Chris currently works as the Manager of the NGS department at GENEWIZ where his main responsibilities are customer support, business development, and business operations.

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