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There are many different ways to sequence amplicons, spanning many different applications like simple clone verification, complex metagenomics analysis, antibody discovery, somatic mutation analysis, and more. Researchers must choose between various criteria like single or multiplexed amplification, low or high coverage, fragmentation-based or contiguous sequencing methods, etc. This webinar will help to de-mystify all of these variables to help guide the researcher in the best approach to answer their biological questions.


About the Presenter



Chris Mozdzierz earned his PhD in Molecular Genetics from Rutgers University where he studied the application of bacterial toxin systems for novel cancer therapeutics. After graduating and a short postdoc, Chris joined Roche Pharmaceuticals where he utilized NGS to help solve biological questions across a myriad of disease target areas. Chris currently works as the Manager of the NGS department at GENEWIZ where his main responsibilities are customer support, business development, and business operations.

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