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SLAS 2024 February 3-7 Boston Enabling Breakthroughs Faster


Join Us at SLAS 2024 in Boston to See Innovation at Every Turn

February 3-7, 2024

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Boston, MA, USA

Exhibit Booth #909

We invite you to join us at SLAS 2024 to discover our complete range of solutions across the sample handling spectrum, including:

  • New launches in automated sample storage, consumables, and instruments
  • Live demonstrations presenting innovative instruments and consumables for lab automation
  • Expert speaker presentations on sample automation best practices and pathways toward sustainability


Azenta Life Sciences is dedicated to enabling your scientific breakthroughs, supporting your journey one sample at a time. Recognizing the mission-critical nature of each sample, we deliver unparalleled solutions for sample exploration and management. Whether through cutting-edge automation, genomics services, or innovative cryogenic storage solutions, Azenta provides industry-leading support and services throughout the entire lifecycle of a sample.




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Come See the Latest Innovations from Azenta 

We’ll be introducing several new products at SLAS this year, including a revolutionary new automated sample storage system that reduces energy consumption up to 76% while storing three times more samples in the same amount of space (compared to manual freezers), a new hinged PCR tube called Cap2, and the Ziath RITrack cryogenic tube scanning system. Stop by booth 909 to see them and find out more. Want to schedule a meeting? Use the form above to reserve your time.



In Automated Sample Storage!

Get ready to experience a game-changing innovation in biological sample storage. We will soon introduce a next generation -80°C system that brings storage density to new heights. The new system promises to save space and energy while making great strides in sustainability: delivering eco-friendly technology with zero Global Warming Potential (GWP) and zero Ozone Depletion Potential (OZP).

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PCR Tube Innovation for Workflow Versatility

Cap2 0.2ml Dual-Cap Sample Collection PCR Tube

This unique PCR tube features a patent-pending dual-cap mechanism, integrated 2D datamatrix code, and human-readable identification, offers unparalleled versatility within various workflows. Its innovative design makes it a consumable well-suited for sample collection and transport, seamlessly transitioning to direct processing for analysis—a perfect fit for genetic testing workflows.

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PCR Tube Cap2


Cryogenic Game-Changer:  Tracking Technology Locates Correct Tubes Within Ice-Covered Racks

Ziath RITrack Mirage: 2D-code Reader

Revolutionizing the handling of frozen samples stored in 2D-coded tubes, RITrack utilizes innovative radio-frequency tagging to eliminate the challenges posed by ice formation on tube and rack bases. With the ability to store identities for up to 96 tubes in a rack, it works seamlessly with cryotubes straight from the freezer, including vapor-phase LN2 storage, safeguarding thermally sensitive samples without requiring warming or thawing. Compatible with standard SBS racks, RITrack lowers operational costs, offering a cost-effective and durable sample tracking solution that enhances lab productivity.


3383-006 RITrack Mirage - smaller


Novel Design for Maximum Sample Retrieval 

Maximum Recovery 1.6ml Tri-coded Tube

Featuring a novel design, the 1.6ml Maximum Recovery Tube is ideally suited for automated workflows that use liquid handling, allowing more sample to be retrieved thanks to the uniquely shaped bottom. The innovative, tapered design combines both a ‘v’ and ‘u’ shaped bottom to enable a higher amount of sample retrieval, thereby reducing reagent wastage and increasing cost savings.

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1.6ml Tri-coded Maximum  Recovery Tube


Workshops and Talks

energy green
Monday, February 5, 2024
12-1 pm
Room: 103
Round Table with Azenta Experts and Sustainability Industry Representatives


Sustainable Excellence: Charting the Course for an Energy-Efficient Sample Storage Future

Embark on a transformative journey toward sustainable and energy-efficient sample storage practices. By examining the global and industry-specific context of sustainability, we’ll explore the challenges faced by our community and delve into compelling data that positions sustainability, with an emphasis on energy efficiency, as an imperative.

The workshop will showcase Azenta’s newest and innovative High-Density -80 °C Sample Storage System, highlighting aspects of savings and cost reductions, and invite participants to engage in polls addressing sustainability, energy efficiency, and customer concerns. Featuring insights from experts, along with Q&A, the session will not only identify current challenges but also present best practices to usher in a new era of environmentally conscious and energy-efficient sample and material management. Considerations for a sustainable and cost-effective future will be at the forefront of our discussions.

Join the Roundtable Discussion + Q&A

Saturday, February 3, 2024 
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Room:  TBD
Sue Holland-Crimmin, Ph.D, and  Katheryn Shea


Sample Management: Best Practice, Trends and Challenges

Explore the forefront of sample management in this short course presented on the Saturday before the SLAS exhibition begins. This course delves into current standards and best practices for compound and biological reagent management, covering quality, biobanking, and clinical samples. Tailored for professionals and scientists, it addresses small molecules, biologics, and the evolving landscape of pharmaceutical modalities. Gain insights into Cold-chain Management, Quality Management, Technology, and Lean Six Sigma, empowering you to navigate the dynamic field of sample management effectively.

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sue crimmon circle
kathi shea circle
Sue Holland-Crimmin, Ph.D

SLAS Board member and former VP of Discovery Supply at GlaxoSmithKline

Katheryn Shea

Vice President Repository and Innovation, Azenta Life Sciences


Try the Savings Calculator

And you could win a Yeti!

How much could you save in electric costs?

How much could you reduce your carbon footprint?

How many more samples could you store in the same amount of space?

Try the Sample Storage Savings Calculator and enter for a chance to win a Yeti cooler.  Visit Booth #909 to try it.


*No purchase is necessary to win. Winners do not need to be present.  See terms and conditions below.

Enter the Tube Lottery

Win an Azenta gift bag

1. Stop by our booth to get an Azenta cryo tube.

2. Scan the tube with a Ziath Reader to enter the tube lottery.

3. Enter for a chance to win an Azenta gift bag filled with goodies.

Drawing will be held during SLAS. (See terms and conditions below).*

tube lottery prize scan tube (2)

*Terms and conditions: This raffle is sponsored by Azenta Life Sciences, located at 200 Summit Avenue, 6th Floor, Burlington, MA 01803, USA. The raffle will be conducted from February 5-7, 2024.  Winners will be picked by random drawing and do not need to be present to win. No purchase necessary. Winners must be 18 years or older. Prizes will be shipped to the winners or can be collected at the booth. Limit one prize per winner. Both prize drawings (Yeti and gift bag) will be held on Wednesday, February 7 at 11:30 am EST in the Azenta Booth #909 during SLAS at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. 


Sample management, analysis, and automation solutions

Azenta Life Sciences is dedicated to enabling your scientific breakthroughs, supporting your journey one sample at a time. Recognizing the mission-critical nature of each sample, we deliver unparalleled solutions for sample exploration and management. Whether through cutting-edge automation, genomics services, or innovative cryogenic storage solutions, Azenta provides industry-leading support and services throughout the entire lifecycle of a sample.



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Sample Storage & Repository Solutions


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Azenta provides unrivaled sample exploration and management solutions to help our customers accelerate discovery, development and delivery.


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