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Scalable Cryo Solutions for Every Need

Cryogenic Lab Freezers


Discover the Right Freezer for Your Needs

Cryogenic lab freezers and sample storage management are critical to maintain cold chain and the integrity of cell-based materials used in a wide range of research and therapy applications.

At Azenta Life Sciences, you’ll find options for cryo storage ranging from high efficiency LN2 vapor-based cryogenic freezers to fully automated systems that preserve sample integrity and chain of custody, as well as the storage materials needed to keep samples safe during every step of the cold chain.

Long-term cryo storage requires accurate record-keeping and dependable temperature control, even during transport. Discover products that help you plan a scalable cryogenic infrastructure to maintain quality and documentation.

Cryo Freezers and systems

Cryostorage solutions

BioStore™ LN2-based product line provides the best-in-class automated storage solution for a wide range of applications. The systems combine well-documented sample protection and comprehensive inventory management with a superior user experience. 

The Cryo Store Pico™ is the latest innovation in our line of automated cryostorage solutions. This smaller LN2-based system is enclosed in a vending-machine style housing that fits elegantly into any space from lab to clinic.

Azenta's recent purchase of Abeyance adds High Efficiency Cryo Freezers to our LN2 vapor storage lineup. And the CryoPod™ Carrier helps facilitate temperature-controlled intra-lab or intra-campus transportation of material requiring <-150°C temperatures. 

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Automated Cryogenic Storage Systems

Cryo Store Pico

Cryo Store Pico™ -190°C LN2-Based Automated Storage System
At under 8 feet high, the Cryo Store Pico fits elegantly into standard-height rooms, bringing sample management closer to the point of use while preserving sample integrity and keeping staff safe.


BioStore™ -190°C LN2-Based Automated Storage System

The BioStore provides the best-in-class automated storage solution with inventory management for cellular products and other materials requiring storage temperatures below glass transition (Tg).


BioStore™ -190°C LN2-Based Automated Storage System for Cryo Cassettes

BioStore is the only fully automated, liquid nitrogen-based system capable of handling a wide range of cryo cassettes including 250ml sizes — the new standard in secure, documented cryo cassette storage.

High Efficiency Cryo Freezers (formerly Abeyance Cryo)


Abeyance is now part of Azenta

These simple and secure -190°C LN2 vapor storage freezers provide full sample visibility and a touchscreen with WIFI/LAN connection, text/email alerts, cloud backup, and redundant remote monitoring. The extended height versions expand capacity.

A220 - High Efficiency Cryo Freezer

Azenta A220 and Extended Height E264 Cryo Freezers

Sample Capacity:

2mL Vials | 22,000-26,400

250 mL Cassettes | 400-500

Outer Diameter: 34.0 inch (864 mm)

A440 - High Efficiency Cryo Freezer

Azenta A440 and Extended Height E528 Cryo Freezers

Sample Capacity:

2mL Vials | 44,000-52,800

250 mL Cassettes | 848-1,060

Outer Diameter: 45.0 inch (1143 mm)

A700 - High Efficiency Cryo Freezer

Azenta A700 and Extended Height E840 Cryo Freezers

Sample Capacity:

2mL Vials | 70,000-84,000

250 mL Cassettes | 1,376-1,720

Outer Diameter: 55.0 inch (1397 mm)

A1000 - High Efficiency Cryo Freezer

Azenta A1000 and Extended Height E1200 Cryo Freezers

Sample Capacity:

2mL Vials | 106,000-127,200

250 mL Cassettes | 2,032-2,540

Outer Diameter: 65.0 inch (1651 mm)

CryoPod Carrier and LN2 Filling Station


CryoPod™ Carrier

The LN2 vapor-based CryoPod Carrier provides a safe, portable, and trackable solution for hand carrying temperature-sensitive biological materials.

CryoPod Filling Station

The CryoPod Carrier Filling Station enables the fast and simple replenishing of the CryoPod's LN2 supply in a safe, precise, and hands-free manner.