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A collection of educational articles for genomics

NGS, qPCR, or Sanger Sequencing: An Assay Selection Guide

Choose the best assay for your genomics or transcriptomics project using our interactive selection tool and summary of NGS, qPCR, and Sanger methods.

A Quick Start Guide to RNA-Seq Data Analysis

With this tutorial to RNA-Seq data analysis, learn which skills and tools you’ll need, the basics of the software, and example bioinformatics workflows.

PacBio HiFi Sequencing for Understanding Human Health and Disease

Explore the applications of PacBio HiFi long-read sequencing in biomedical research with this recap of a symposium featuring top researchers in the field.

Optimizing AAV Plasmid Preparation and ITR Sequencing

Learn about the challenges of preparing and validating plasmid DNA for AAV vectors containing ITRs and an optimized approach to these processes.

Stranded vs Non-Stranded RNA-Seq

RNA-Seq libraries can be stranded or non-stranded (unstranded). Learn the differences and how to choose the right approach for your NGS project.

Analyzing Sanger Sequencing Data

Learn how to analyze Sanger sequencing data by understanding the common features of a chromatogram, how bases are assigned, and data quality metrics.

Which RNA-Seq Technique Should I Use?

Explore the differences between RNA-Seq techniques and how to select the most appropriate one for your next generation sequencing (NGS) project.

How Single-Cell Sequencing Works

Learn the principles of single-cell sequencing, the differences between commercial platforms, and the most common single-cell techniques and applications.

Top 3 Factors to Consider for Single-Cell Sequencing

Find out what to consider before starting a single-cell sequencing project to ensure the right NGS approach for your research.